Cyril Bařinka, PhD / head
+420 325 873 777
Cyril graduated in biochemistry at Charles University, Prague, and did his PhD at the Institute of Organic chemistry & Biochemistry, Prague, in Jan Konvalinka lab. He spent five year at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick, MD, USA in the Jacek Lubkowski lab, focusing on macromolecular crystallography. In 2010, he came back to Prague, the Czech Republic, where he established the Laboratory of Structural Biology at the Institute of Biotechnology. CV: ico-pdf



Zora Nováková, PhD / Research Associate
+420 325 873 736
Zora graduated in biology at the Charles University, Prague. She got her PhD in cell biology with the focus on cellular senescence. In January 2013 she has joined the lab of Dr. Cyril Barinka at Institute of Biotechnology of Academy of Sciences. As postdoc she works on projects aimed at structure-function studies  of HDAC11 as well as GCPII palmitoylation.

Zsófia Kutil, PhD / Research Associate
+420 325 873 778

Zsófia did her PhD at the Institute of Experimental Botany, Prague, where she originally focused on natural inhibitors of COX-1,2 and 5-LO. Over the time, she became more interested in protein functions and structures than in their inhibitors and she has joined the lab. Her major project is aimed at unraveling molecular basis of substrate recognition by class IIa HDACs.

Lucia Motlová, PhD / PostDoc
+420 325 873 774



Shivam Shukla, MSc / PhD Student
+420 325 873 774
Shivam is graduate student from India, he got his Masters degree in Biotechnology from University of Mumbai. His interest in structural biology has grown with time as he has spent couple of years in India where he studied structural aspects of RNA and DNA binding proteins.  In March 2017 he joined as PhD student in Dr. Cyril Barinka lab at Institute of Biotechnology of Academy of Sciences and works on project entitled “Structural and functional studies of Histone Deacetylase6”.

Gargi Das, MSc / PhD student
+420 325 873 736
I have studied my Bachelors in Presidency University, Kolkata India in Biological Sciences and Masters from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay India in Biotechnology. I have developed a keen interest in immunology and cell biology during my studies and my Master’s dissertation which was focused on “Understanding the role of IL-9 in maintaining the integrity of the skin”. I wish to pursue my future research focusing on the mentioned disciplines of biology. I have joined Dr. Cyril Barinka’s lab on October 2018 and currently working on the project “Engineered antibodies as platforms for cancer imaging and therapy”. Apart from academia I have a big interest in painting and dancing.


Jana Nedvědová, MSc / PhD Student
+420 325 873 778

Jana grew up in České Budějovice in South Bohemia. After finishing high school in 2015, she moved to Prague to study at Faculty of Science, Charles University. She joined the Laboratory of Structural Biology  during the same year and worked on her Bachelor and Master thesis here. After getting her Master’s Degree in Biophysical Chemistry, she decided to continue her studies at Charles University as a PhD student focusing on tubulin modifying enzymes.

Barbora Haňková, MSc / Technician
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Iva Jelínková / Technician
+420 325 873 774

Miroslav Bašta, Bc / MSc Student
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Tereza Ludvíková / Bc Student
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Alina Nemchinova / Bc Student
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Markéta Grešová, MSc / Technician
+420 325 873 774
Maternity leave


Petra Baranová, MSc / Technician
+420 325 873 778
Maternity leave


Jana Mikešová, MSc / Technician
+420 325 873 774
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Glenda Alquicer, PhD
Veronika Klatovska, PhD
Jiri Pavlicek, PhD
Dalibor Trapl, MSc
Ľubica Škultétyová, PhD
Tereza Frydova, Bc
Nikola Belousova, MSc
Michal Navratil, PhD
Jakub Ptacek, PhD
Daria Pavlenko, MSc
Daria Khuntsariya, MSc
Michal Svoboda, MSc
Veronika Kropáčková, MSc
Kseniya Ustinova, PhD
Anastasia Rakhimbekova, MSc
Honza Komarek, PhD